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Frequently asked questions

  • How long will it take for your relocation?

    Depending on your location and when you are moving, the entire duration it takes from the time you pick, call Movalist or request for a quote until you can sit back and unwind in your new home might vary significantly. It is reasonable to estimate the process' duration to be a few weeks during the busy summer months. However, domestic consignments will be picked up and transported within two to six weeks.
  • Are there any hidden costs in your service?

    With Movalist, unlike some other removal companies, there are no hidden costs associated with using our moving service. You will pay according to the service plan you select per your requirements.
  • How are my personal items prepared for the move?

    We provide all the moving boxes, including wardrobe boxes, as well as packing supplies like tape, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap. You can rest assured knowing that our highly skilled and professional team of movers will pack and unpack all your essentials using the best products available to ensure that no harm is done to your belongings.
  • Do you offer interstate moves?

    Yes, we have the best on-the-road services in Australia for your interstate move. We are always prepared to transport your essential belongings from one location to another using our fleet of trucks and vans.
  • How much does it cost to move?

    The cost is decided on various factors, including the time of year, the number of bedrooms in the house, the type of property, the objects being moved, the stairs and steps involved, the overall miles, etc. For more information on costs, talk to our friendly and helpful staff, who can take you through the procedure and the type of cost involved.
  • What distinguishes your interstate moving service in Australia from others?

    Our staff members here are what make a difference. Our team of drivers and removalists are experts at handling every item you own from the beginning to the end.
  • Can the packers and movers place each item where I want at the delivery address?

    Yes! Why not. Movalist takes pride in many qualities, including this one. Each one of your belongings will be placed exactly where you require them, without any hassle. Our team will handle all required steps to ensure that your entire move goes well.
  • How long in advance should I book my move?

    The golden rule, as with anything, is sooner rather than later. It’s always advisable to book your move as soon as you have all the details lined up for your relocation. Booking a month before the move will give us sufficient time to schedule and prepare for the best services we have to offer.
  • Are your moving crew members qualified and experienced to pack and transport my belongings?

    Yes, Movalist has an experienced training officer and a regular training program that keeps our team members updated with all the methods and techniques required for the move.
  • When do I need to start making moving plans?

    Simply call Movalist and ask for a personal enquiry as soon as you have completed the transfer of the keys to your new home. We will immediately evaluate your needs and determine a time frame, pricing, and other specific requirements.
  • Will you advise us on the simplest method to handle the entire property moving project?

    Of course, we are happy to assist. There aren’t many problems we haven’t encountered and solved over the years. So you can be confident in knowing that we take great care to ensure that the best service is offered. Plus, we will provide a free quote tailored to meet your needs and price range.
  • How can I get Movalist to confirm my booking?

    After your initial questions, you will receive an hourly or fixed pricing quotation. Once you confirm all the details with us, your move will be booked, and our team will provide confirmation.
  • Do you offer secure storage units with lock-and-leave facilities?

    Yes! both at the starting point and the ending point. It should be noted that we can also arrange for shipment internationally. If you need storage, we offer discounted prices for big consignments.
  • Can Movalist take out windows or remove doors if required?

    We can arrange for the removal of a sash window so that objects can pass through it. So be sure to factor in any additional charges that may incur. Our staff has previously removed doors; this can be easily arranged as long as an expert is not needed.